Sazon-Bernardo Wedding

Bridal Bouquet: flowers are green cabbage rose with purple lisianthus, belles of Ireland, white snap dragon, green buttons, eucalyptus leaves, white carnation and silver curly sticks

San Juan Nepomuceno Church, San Juan Batangas
Virgin Beach Resort
Photographer: Paul Vincent Photography
Videographer: Jason Magbanua
Gown: Enan Almando Couture
Wedding Coordinator: Berlin Yap Salvador

TESTIMONIALS: The first time we met Serge, we knew straight away that he is the one we were looking for. This guy is so down to earth, over-flowing with creativity and super fun to work with. No matter how meticulous we were, we didn't even bother asking him how exactly the setup will look like. We just knew from the start that he is great at what he does, and that he will do his very best to make the setup seamlessly executed.

Despite his top class quality work, he does not over-charge or take advantage of his clients. A good natured person and a very talented florist/event stylist to beat. :-D He is meant to make lots of "Serge-ified" weddings in the future -- with gorgeous church setups and reception venues. Kudos to you and your fantastic team for making January 9, 2011 extra special, not just for us but for all the people who participated. And thanks a million for helping make our dream wedding come true! We love you and congrats to a job well done. Cheers to us! :-D