Apura-Nuesca Wedding

Bridal Bouquet: Pure sampaguita pompoms with million star on the side

St. Joseph Church (Bamboo Organ)
Ysabel's BF Resort
Photographer: BA Studio
Hair and Make-up: Jackie Rivera
Bridal Gown: Joel Bautista

TESTIMONIALS: To Serge.. you did a good job.. we were completely blown away with the flower arrangements you did... i wasn't expecting it to be that beautiful.. you know that at first i was hesitant about it but when i saw your portfolio with the sampaguita arrangements, i fell inlove with it and you did better on my wedding day.. it was all so beautiful.. i loved it, my guests loved it.. all in all you did a great job.. thank you so much for making my wedding day beautiful.. great job.. and we'll be calling you again for my parents anniversary..thank you so much...